Joining or Assisting UKIP in Surrey Heath

Membership subscription rates for joining UKIP vary according to circumstance:
Our standard annual subscription is 30; and depending upon circumstance, we may also offer a concessionary rate, starting at 15.   Those in the armed forces can join for a lower fee - currently 5, and those 21 or younger can join for just 2.

Membership entitles people to the following:

  • Personal invitations to UKIP events.
  • Regular UKIP newsletter. (those on Standard and Concessionary membership rates can receive this by post in UK)
  • Vote at the national conference and at annual and extraordinary general meetings.
  • Meet other UKIP supporters and vote at your local branch meeting.
  • Participate in local UKIP activities.
  • Attend UKIP meetings throughout the country and to play an active part in selecting UKIP candidates for elections.
Locally, we are always grateful for any assistance to get our message across, so if anyone is interested in joining the Surrey Heath branch of the UK Independence Party or is willing to help by delivering literature in the Surrey Heath area, please get in touch with the Committee.

If you want to be an active member in Surrey Heath, please let us know what experience you have or what you would like to do from the following:
  • Stand as a Local Councillor.
  • Deliver leaflets.
  • Write articles.
  • Help raise funds.
  • Write news stories.
  • Help in UKIP campaigns.
  • Research a topic.
  • Be a UKIP teller at a polling station.

If you would like to join UKIP (as a new member), please sign up by clicking
New Membership
for a membership form and then printing out and completing this form.
New members should send a cheque and the completed form back to us - to the address indicated on the form. Please note, this process applies to New Joiners Only.

Existing members should rejoin via the national website ( only, and not via the branch, as we are not set up to handle membership renewals locally. To assist you, we have provided the link below, to enable existing members to access the renewal page of, online directly.
Renewal of Membership

Please note, All Members and Prospective Members must also comply with UKIP's latest terms and conditions of membership, which are available to view on the national website,
A recent (2013) copy of the conditions for membership are included here, although please note, any subsequent additions or changes to this, will need to be checked on the website.

For all other requests or queries related to joining, please contact us. For this, you may use our contact details here.

Additional Notes

For renewals (an existing member), there are additional payment options available (eg standing order). You may join online or by telephone to the national office. Details are on the link above, for 'Renewals'.  

A dedicated joining page will be coming shortly.