Useful Links

Surrey Heath UKIP provide the following links to websites which may be of interest to you. The content of these external websites do not necessarily reflect UKIP policy, but are provided for information purposes. Please note: The UK Independence Party, or the UKIP Surrey Heath branch are not responsible for the content or performance of externally linked websites here.

UKIP Daily (News and Commentary for all things UKIP) 

Paul Chapman UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Surrey Heath 

Open Europe 

Leave EU (post-Referendum)  

Lawyers for Britain (Referendum & Article 50)  

Brexit The Movie  

Surrey Heath Borough Council  

Surrey Heath Residents' Blog (Paul Deach)  

UKIP National website  

Contact your MP/ local councillor  

Report Street issues, to local authority  

Voting record (and patterns) for your MP  

more links coming shortly