The Prime Minister's "Cut & Run" on His EU renegotiation demands!

David Cameron has opted to cut and run over Europe with what looks likely to be a potential summer 2016 EU referendum.
But his attempts at reclaiming powers for Britain look like a dismal failure:

The Prime Minister made a series of promises on reclaiming powers from Brussels - but has now dropped virtually all of them. They include:

A requirement that migrants from the EU, of working age, must secure a job - before arriving in the EU.

Limits on the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice - to stop it meddling in British Criminal law and over-riding UK Parliament. *

Take back control of social and employment regulations spewing out of Brussels which are strangling small businesses and thus increasing unemployment.

End the costly farce, of the European Parliament sitting in two places - Brussels and Strasbourg - every month, when it could all be done from one location.

Reform the hugely wasteful and damaging Common Agricultural Policy, which accounts for approx 40% of the entire EU budget- but ends up adding extra costs to the consumer too!

Make EU arrivals wait 4 years, before securing in work benefits, ie migrants to pay in , before taking out.

Even these, Cameron has failed to deliver progress on, in his negotiations to date. Is it any wonder therefore, that people do not believe his rhetoric.   His promise to deliver reforms if we stay in the EU are just empty words, with no substance in reality. Better to simply recognise, we are better outside the EU - as any reform at all is simply not acceptable, according to the EU's wishes.
* The Justice Minister & Surrey Heath's MP - Michael Gove - has seen through the charade of these "reforms" and is backing Britain leaving the EU. Join him - and us - in weighing up the facts about Cameron's Deal - and finding them wanting.

The only realistic option for all voters - when we consider the EU's direction, and dangers of remaining in the EU, is to vote to LEAVE when we get the chance in June.

That will give us options to build a prosperous Britain - in charge of its democracy, able to trade with itself - and of course, the Commonwealth and the wider World (including the EU) once again. Voters in Surrey Heath will have their chance to give their judgement on the EU soon.

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