Previous Elections

Below are details of previous elections held, where UKIP stood candidates in recent years. For recent election news, visit that page, by clicking on the "Elections" tab above..

County Elections 2013

After a "gap year" in 2012, there were elections in Surrey Heath on May 2nd, covering seats for the county. UKIP contested all six divisions locally, and obtained between 22% and 33% of the vote, as listed below.

Coming second place in most of the divisions, below you can find this year's election results, for each of the UKIP candidates in Surrey Heath. (% are rounded to a whole number):

  Candidate  Division  Number of Votes  % of Vote
  Paul Chapman  Frimley Green, Mytchett  869     33%  
  John Bevan  Camberley East  753     30%  
  Richard Squire  Lightwater,Bisley,West End  845     28%  
  Andrew Thomas  Heatherside, Parkside  701     25%  
  Alexander Remfry  Camberley West  788     24%  
  Robert Shatwell  Bagshot,Windlesham,Chobham  690     22%  

In addition, we had Mazhar Manzoor, standing in the ASH division, on the southern edge of the Surrey Heath constituency. UKIP came second here with 21% of the vote.

Local Election 2011

UKIP are stood across three wards in Surrey Heath, in the local elections, this year. Our candidates:

The voting results are as follows:

  Candidate  Ward  Number of Votes  % of Vote
  A Remfry  Frimley  241     12.25%  
  R Webb  Old Dean  130     11.8%  
  P Harman  Town  161     11.1%  

General Election 2010

Our parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath was Mark Stroud. The UKIP result in the general election in Surrey Heath is as follows:

  Candidate  Party  Number of Votes
  M Stroud  UK Independence Party  3,432   (6.3%)

This represents an increase in the share of vote of 110% from 2005 to 2010!

  There was a 69.8% turnout in Surrey Heath.

County Elections 2009 (and Local Election 2007)

Following UKIP first standing in local elections for the borough*, in 2007, when we stood in 3 wards, UKIP contested all six divisions locally, for the county elections, in 2009 and obtained over 10% of the vote, as listed below.

  Candidate  Division  Number of Votes  % of Vote
  M Stroud  Chobham,Bisley,West End  734     16.9%  
  P Harman  Camberley West  635     15.6%  
  R Webb  Camberley East  569     15.4%  
  T Shaw  Bagshot,Windlesham,Lightwater  580     13.3%  
  J Squire  Heatherside, Parkside  478     12.7%  
  L Dix  Frimley Green, Mytchett  463     11.6%  

* UKIP has stood in the Surrey Heath General Elections on several occasions prior to 2007.

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