National and Local Elections 2017

We have Local (county) Elections in May 2017 and then a snap General Election on 8th June 2017. UKIP stand locally in the county election in various wards but are not standing in this year's General Election, more details on this are here and on the home page.

National and Local Elections 2015

RESULTS (as of 7:30am on 8th May)
UKIP coming in second place in this year's general election locally, the results in Surrey Heath are below :

  Candidate  Party  Number of Votes  % of Vote
  Michael Gove  Conservative  32.582     59.9%  
  Paul Chapman  UKIP  7,778     14.3%  
  Laween Atroshi   Labour  6,100     11.2%  
  Ann-Marie Barker   Lib Dem  4.937     9.1%  
  Kimberley Jane Lawson   Green  2,400     4.4%  
  Juliana Brimicombe   Christian   361     0.7%  
  Bob+Roberta Smith   Independent   273     0.5%  

The 2015 result shows an increase in the share of the vote for UKIP of 127% from 2010 to 2015, with a corresponding improvement from 4th place to 2nd place!

Locally, UKIP have candidates standing in a few wards, the full results, as they come in are to be found here.
we are working hard to deliver a better standard of council, one which takes account of local needs. With the Surrey Heath borough elections and a General election this year, it is a busy time for the local branch.

The 2015 full manifesto document is available to read from the "Articles" page, on this website (found within list of articles there).

Paul Chapman has also listed his election pledges for Surrey Heath specifically, in the image below. These are in addition to the wider UKIP pledges, listed in the Manifesto.

By-Election for Old Dean Ward - 2014

On September 4th 2014, there was a by election held in Surrey Heath , following the death of Cllr. Margaret Moher, to fill the seat on Old Dean ward. Eddie Hill, for UKIP, was standing.   A total of three candidates stood - UKIP, Labour & Conservative.

Eddie Hill (the UKIP candidate) lives close to the Old Dean, and has connections with the area, particularly as his son attends Collingwood School. Thanks to all those who came out to vote for UKIP, in that ward.

European Elections May 2014

Following the last European Elections, held in Surrey Heath, we are delighted to report the public's overwhelming support for UKIP - with 4 MEP's elected, as listed below:
  1 Nigel Farage
  2 Janice Atkinson     Note: Janice has since been expelled from UKIP, and is now an Independent MEP
  3 Diane James
  4 Ray Finch

Other places for the SE went to Conservative (3) Labour (1) Greens (1) and Lib Dem (1). Regionally, UKIP gained 32.1% of the overall vote. The UK wide position shows UKIP gained approximately 27.5% of the overall UK vote.
In Surrey Heath, UKIP gained 32.8% of the vote locally, as summarised below.
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 7007 votes (up from 4968 in 2009), and taking second place, just behind the Conservatives.

(Interestingly, in most elections to date in Surrey Heath, UKIP does better than average, compared to the SE Region as a whole, and the SE Region in turn does better for UKIP than the average for the UK as a whole)

You can give us your opinions about the campaign, via the Contact page of the website, for example what we did well and what we could improve on.

UKIP did indeed deliver a landmark result in the 2014 elections.

What We Stand For

We have seen mismanagement in local government , with government at all levels forgetting that they serve the residents and should be implementing policies that will work for people generally. The amount of Council Tax and Business Rates going to the county council has increased in recent years, and money has been spent badly. The voters of Surrey Heath are entitled to know where this money has gone - as the quantity and quality of services that are received has not shown a similar increase.

With this in mind, any local UKIP councillors would seek to more stringently limit council tax and business rate increases, for the next four years - directing money to front line services, and reducing waste across the board. In particular, address the high levels of executive pay, along with cuts in councillor allowances (to much more realistic levels), to bring money back to where it should be used.

UKIP will seek to give power back to the voters by calling for the right of residents to call binding referenda on local issues that are of concern to many. And UKIP will endeavour to let the local people decide, on major planning issues locally.

UKIP will support businesses, by working to ensure free parking for short periods remains a core principle of Surrey Heath's parking strategy for both towns and village centres.

In the end, most commentators say that there are few differences between the three old parties. But the people of Surrey Heath have a real choice in UKIP.


Reasons to vote UKIP

  • History tells us that Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties cannot be trusted by the electorate to act in your or Britain's interests. Despite the Conservative tough talk on the Lisbon Treaty in the past, they then announced that they will abandon their "cast iron" pledge given to the electorate, for a referendum and move to further support the EU ambitions, including fuelling greater free movement and immigration into the UK. We can now see, with the results from the 2011 census how this has inevitably led to greater social change - and because of minimal support for that change in terms of investment in infrastructure, we see further economic hardships for people across the country- including locally. Labour and Lib Dems have long since abandoned any pretence of listening to the electorate's wishes when it comes to matters involving the EU. Many in these parties still want Britain to be tied to the millstone of propping up the failing euro. UKIP is the only major party standing firm in support of the UK electorate - and for common sense.
  • The process of building UKIP representation at elections maintains a UK defence against the worst excesses of the other mainstream parties, and in particular the excesses coming from the EU, which seriously damage our country. Tory, Lib Dem and Labour cannot be trusted to support Britain's cause. UKIP exposes the truth, reports back to you and protects the UK's interests.
  • Your UKIP vote will send a clear message to the other political parties, that ignoring the electorate's wishes on Immigration and Europe will not go unnoticed and that greater independence from the EU's grip is desirable for the social, economic, cultural, environmental and political future well-being of the UK.

Voting for some economic common sense

UKIP are fast becoming the party of choice. With politicians from all the bigger parties embroiled in the bailout fiasco for the euro, which does more harm than good to the economy of Britain and of Europe, it is UKIP that can speak out against such poor judgements - judgements that harm people economically, in Surrey, and Britain and more widely, across the European continent too.   We are delighted to be able to give the electorate in Surrey Heath a chance to vote against the present lot in power. But more than this, we stand for sound economic and political principles, and in support of Britain and its people.

money Ask yourself: Why spend tens of millions of pounds a day on our membership dues to the EU, when it rarely benefits anyone apart from the political elite and their hangers on?  And that cost doesn't include the indirect charges, such as bailouts via the IMF - see 'EU and You (2008)', under Articles tab, for more details.

It is widely accepted that Surrey Heath residents get a raw deal out of being within the EU. Most of the money given in our taxes to the EU never sees the light of day in Surrey, and, what is perhaps worse, public money "sent" to the EU is generally not used wisely at all, it is squandered on projects that typically do more harm than good to the wider environment and society - the Common Agricultural Policy and Fisheries Policy being the most notorious, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other examples of waste and downright fraud undertaken by the EU. Because the EU authorities operate outside proper democratic controls, they can get away with this culture of excessive waste, which would otherwise be unacceptable in everyday life. The fact that the EU's accounts have not been signed off by auditors - due to significant accounting irregularities within the EU - for over 18 years is just another example of the failure of monetary control in the EU.

Rather than wasting vast sums of money in this way, UKIP would bring back accountability to the UK's finances and also free Britain up to trade better with the whole world. It would ensure regulations are appropriate to our needs and markets, not a one size fits all, european model. Freeing up our economy to trade as it should - without the unfair restrictions imposed by the EU on our trade with Africa for example, as well as encouraging inward investment in an economy that traded more globally, will help reverse the job losses that we already have faced while being a part of the failed EU Project. Non-jobs do not drive our economy, and the EU has been draining our businesses through over-regulation, and replacing any chance of a strong economy through the creation of bureaucratic jobs for the sake of it. UKIP would direct the money saved from our EU membership to vital services, that actually serve local communities and positively impact Surrey Heath residents. UKIP would support business and workers, rather than inhibit them.

Click here, for some examples of where the EU spends taxpayer's money, not even for direct benefit of its member states.

UKIP, unlike the other mainstream parties in Britain, is talking about the underlying issues we face.

Click here, for historical information about UKIP elections in Surrey Heath.