General Articles of Interest

We include here a selection of articles relevant to Surrey Heath and surrounding residents. The articles reflect UKIP policy although contributors may come from outside the party. They represent well researched and scholarly articles, often written by professionals.

As the list of articles has grown, they have been organised into broad headings and within each heading, articles are shown in chronological order of their addition onto this website

Our list of articles today will grow further, as we add more to the list below.

Introductions to the role of EU on Britain

Guide to the EU and You (2008)   PDF document

Article on proposed expansions to EU power and laws throughout the European Union

Pull-out article from Daily Express covering Britain and the EU  PDF document approx 6.2 MByte

Economic & Trade issues with the EU

Detailed report measuring the cost of EU regulation on Britain   2009   PDF document 747 KB size

Economic arguments for leaving the EU (2013 guide)   short PDF document approx 65 KB size
For the latest, and more detailed account, see link just below...

The Cost Of The EU (2015 guide)   PDF document approx 2.7MByte size

The T-TIP Plans, being kept secret from the public by EU   PDF document approx 192 KB size

Employment arguments relating to the EU

The EU is not working (2013 guide)   PDF document approx 2.2MByte size

UKIP Policy statements

About UKIP policies (2010 guide)   PDF document approx 1MByte size

UKIP 2015 Election Manifesto

The 2015 General Election Manifesto PDF document approx 9.2MByte size.

UKIP Past Election Manifestos

The 2014 European (MEP) Elections Manifesto (UKIP)   PDF document approx 1MByte size

UKIP General Election Manifesto (2010)   PDF document approx 2.3 MByte

The 2013 Local Council Elections Manifesto (UKIP)   PDF document approx 5MByte size

Pan European Political Parties - the EU's viewpoint

How the EU would like to create trans-national parties   2010PDF document approx 1.7MByte

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