EU Referendum Result in Surrey Heath

RESULTS (as of 2:51 am on 24th June)
  the results in Surrey Heath are below :

  Referendum Question   Number of Votes  % of Local Vote
 STAY IN EU   25,638   votes   49.0%  
 LEAVE EU   26,667   votes   51.0%  

Turnout was 79.9% .

                                                                                                (updated February 2017)

Now the national result is known, and the UK as a whole has voted to LEAVE. We can all be very encouraged by this result. But UKIP's cause is not over today - we continue to seek for Britain a worthwhile settlement with our EU partners, whilst pointing out the EU's failures and Britain's need for political independence from Brussels.

Now we can - and need to - build a far, far better deal than the "Remainers" were prepared to accept from the EU.

There are still many who wish to thwart the will of the people in last year's referendum, by watering down or otherwise bogging down the process of negotiating our exit from the EU. Then there are others - like Tony Blair - who simply wish to ignore the people's choice and suggest we didnt know what we were voting for!   We must keep up the pressure to secure a fair settlement for Britain, always aware of the size (GDP) and strength of our national economy, yet the huge drain to date, that the EU has had on our national GDP and to use all this to our benefit in negotiations to come. Britain , and UKIP, needs to show the world how a country can - and should - prosper away from what is increasingly seen as the death throes of the EU today

UKIP in Surrey Heath

The UK Independence Party is committed to providing Britain with a government that will make a positive difference, including withdrawing Britain from the European Union.   We recognise the people of Surrey Heath will be much better off without EU interference and its huge financial drain on the economy, and so we campaign to leave the EU and build a strong , outward-looking, confident, Britain, not stuck in the past, as those wanting us to be hidden within a failing EU project might prefer.   International co-operation and fair trading arrangements, which we support, does not require 'ever closer political union'!

Over the past few years, we have seen the public in larger numbers come to see that the problems we face are caused in large part through both our out-dated political system and the straightjacket of membership of the EU and these factors are in large part, exacerbated by the LibLabCon MP's failure to address what is a sensible but radical solution.. an amicable divorce from european political union.

UKIP are representated in all levels of government today.   The 2015 General Election saw almost 4 million people across the UK, vote UKIP. Unlike the 'LibLabCon', UKIP offer policies for the UK, that will make Britain 'Great' once more, - for example, no longer looking back to an outdated and overly bureacratic model for international trade (the EU model). Let's free ourselves to trade effectively with the world.

Cost of our EU membership to those in the UK

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The EU Referendum

Thamk you for all those people who voted locally for the EU referedum, with a decision to Leave the EU. Below are comments related to the campaign and looking forward, following the referendum result.

Truth or Lies -UKIP speaks up

Although it is good news to see this government seeking a mandate for our continued membership of the EU, after so many years of ignoring public opinion about the EU's role, UKIP had to be active in putting across the real facts in this debate, and not rely on the political spin of the "Westminster village" and media outlets, to control the debate. For example, it is abundantly clear from checking the facts, that David Cameron's key issues for his renegotiation process as laid out last year, have now all been watered down significantly, or else dropped completely, as he has been unable to convince other european leaders to support a single renegotiation request, of his - despite each being only a tiny step towards a reformed European Union! It just goes to show, the EU is incapable of being reformed, the only way to improve is to leave it to die without Britain; as the EU is increasingly seen - metaphorically speaking - as a "sinking and outdated ship" in our modern world.

There are still a minority of loud proponents of EU membership getting their voice heard, above the general public, but at least the facts speak for themselves on the subject of what is best for Britain overall. Just one area where this is clearly illustrated is the migration question. The open-door policy to EU nationals that we are forced to adopt as part of our EU membership and the fact that it leaves our government unable to support the needs of those currently resident in the UK as a priority is a case in point.

Beyond this home page, there is more to be found on this website, especially under the "Articles" tab, to inform the debate. The "links" page also has links to websites covering the campaign to leave the EU. Looking forward, we need to ensure the deal we negotiate with the EU, to leave, far surpasses any benefits they might have offered us, for Britain to stay.


Paul Chapman, Chairman of Surrey Heath UKIP Paul Chapman heads up the local constituency branch for UKIP, and stood as the UKIP candidate for Surrey Heath constituency in last year's General Election.

The traditional political parties in Britain have for years exaggerated the benefits of EU membership, and covered up the EU waste and corruption. We believe that Britain should be an independent self-governing nation and not part of a European Federal Superstate. But more than that, UKIP offers a future in which Britain is free to govern itself, to enforce its own laws, to control its borders, and to make a successful way economically trading well with the whole world (not just tied to a few member countries in an outdated model, as the EU offers). And above all, able to honour promises to its citizens.

Surrey Heath Constituency Association committee 2013-4

We welcome support from people who believe in british parliamentary democracy. We are campaigning not just to get control of our country back from Brussels, but in the process, to bring about more local democracy, fairness, and the chance for ordinary people to choose, rather than just be told by unelected bureaucrats. The party has a full compliment of domestic and international policies, covering all the main issues that affect Britain today.

Several members of the 2013-4 committee are shown in picture just above.

We have local policies that we contend will make the Surrey Heath area a better place to live, work and enjoy.   Come, join us and help us make a difference!

Following the elections held on 7th May 2015, UKIP Surrey Heath would like to acknowledge the many people locally, who voted for UKIP in the General & Local Elections. Thank you for your support to UKIP, and support for leaving the EU.


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